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We’ll Deliver Chef-Prepared Meals in 3 Easy Steps  

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It isn’t always easy to make sure you’re eating properly, especially if you
live alone.

Imagine how much you would look forward to mealtime if your meals were prepared by an Executive Chef and delivered right to your door?

Choose from nearly 40 satisfying dishes including beef, chicken, fish, pork and pasta dishes, soul-soothing soups, breakfast and even desserts. Order your menu selections monthly, bi-weekly or a week ahead.

Fresh, nutritious and convenient

- Meals are prepared in small batches, boxed and flash frozen to retain freshness
- All ingredients and a full nutritional breakdown are provided for every meal according to
    Canada’s Food Guide
- Your meal schedule is flexible. You can order meals for a month, a week or less. Order 7 meals /week
    and receive free delivery. Orders of fewer than 7 meals/week will be charged $5 for delivery.
- Meals are delivered to your home by Shine staff who, with your permission, will place them in your
    freezer and check best-before dates of previously delivered meals to ensure food is always fresh.

Why not start planning your meals today?

- Go to our menu
- Click View Dish to get more information on the dishes
- Select the number of that dish you want
- Click "Add to cart"
- To choose more dishes, click on Continue Shopping
- When you've made your selections, complete the payment information and click
     Finalize Order. A Shine at Home representative will call you in a few minutes to confirm
     your order and arrage for delivery.

Or, if you’re not comfortable ordering online, just call Shine at 519-336-9898 and a representative will take your order by phone or arrange a personal visit.

Either way, a Shine representative will be in touch with you to make arrangements for delivery.

Bon appétit!